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The Makery @ Roots School

Our Story

A Maker: Anyone who has made something and loved the feeling they got from it! 


At The Makery, we want to help you be a maker more often!  Workshops at The Makery are like Home Economics class of days gone by with a modern twist. Many skills and ways of life of past generations have become a lost art due to today’s conveniences.  Conveniences are wonderful, but we think the magic of making and the feeling one gets from producing wonderful things with their own hands is even better!  Classes at The Makery are thoughtfully planned with today's children in mind. Research shows that today’s convenient, tech based world is having detrimental effects on our children- from mood disturbances, mental health concerns, poor attention span, memory issues and sleep struggles. Experiences at The Makery will counter these issues as children learn to get back to the basics while learning new skills and being creative.  


The Makery also hosts birthday parties and offers adult classes- staff parties, date nights, ladies night, or a shower!  Contact us for details!

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