Our Vision

A great learning space for children is a safe, supportive, and loving environment. The educational style at Roots School & Makery will provide students a back to the basics approach to life and learning where creative endeavors, play based and hands on learning, problem solving, and character development is a focus. Children will be directly involved in the essential processes of daily life such as food preparation, picking up after themselves, and sowing the garden.  Roots School is a screen-free program.  

In addition to preschool and childcare, Roots will offer after hours and weekend “Makery” classes for youth.  These classes will be made available to children enrolled in the school program in addition to children in our community that are not enrolled in the school program. Students who enroll in these classes will acquire creative yet essential life skills as they tackle sewing projects, cooking, baking, gardening, and various other crafty endeavors. The Makery component of Roots will be developed after time when the school is established.  

At Roots School, we believe…

Children are precious and must receive care from adults who are capable and caring - whose values enable them to be excellent role models.

Children should experience numerous positive learning milestones, leading to an increased sense of competence and independence.  At Roots, we do not believe in doing things for the children that they are capable of doing themselves.

Children’s play is extremely vital to healthy physical development, acceptable social skills, and cognitive growth.

Teachers, drawing upon their training and experience, must create an appropriate educational environment which carefully guides children from one developmental and cognitive level to the next.  

Parents contribute greatly to and enhance the quality of care offered at Roots School.

Roots School & Makery welcomes those of diverse faiths, ethnic origins and race.